Oliver Wood is the man behind the Digital Monopoly Group. Under this control, he has several web design, web development and digital marketing brands that provide services for more than 2,000 companies Australia wide. He has conceptualised and created both the SEO Company Australia as well as Perth Web Design. These companies provide SEO articles and reports as well as design websites so that they are guaranteed to appear within the top five rankings of certain Google searches. Oliver Wood created these companies completely with his own resources and has taken many steps to insure that his companies are the top web designing and SEO websites available in Australia.


With the SEO Company, Oliver Wood provides a guarantee that the content of your company website reaches the top search results so that your potential customers are provided with an easy means of finding you. They work each client on a case by case basis as no two companies are alike, just as no two industries are alike. They search for your competitors and read through as much information on their websites as they can so that their SEO writers will know the proper phrasing to use, which keywords the competition uses, and how often they use those specific keywords. They scour everything from the headlines used, sub-headlines, and wording within the websites of your competition.


The journalists hired on by Oliver Wood have studied the exact wording processes that should be implemented when it comes to excellent SEO style writing. This education will insure your website will not be too similar to your competition, but will still meet the excellent writing standards and keyword densities that Google’s new Penguin update require to reach a top spot when someone searches a certain keyword of phrase pertaining to your company and its products or services.

With the SEO Company Australia, you get skilled writers who will report as needed. You provide a little information about your website and company and soon you will start being provided with daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reports on where your company’s website sits and what else you might be able to do to improve your website’s place when it comes to SEO marketing. With Oliver Wood’s company, you will be well taken care of when it comes to wanting to push your company up to the top of Google’s search ranks so that you come up quickly when potential clients search for your products or services.

Oliver Wood of Perth has also spent a lot of time working on his web design studio, Perth Web Design. With Oliver Wood’s web design company, you will find absolutely stunning work. He has worked for a plethora of clients, including the recreation and conservation reserve, Whiteman Park, after being awarded a contract to design, host, and support their new website.

The design of each website is tailor made for the client. The Whiteman Park design that Oliver Wood’s company, Perth Web Design, has constructed includes all the areas that one would expect to find on the website of a recreation and conservation reserve, as well as a new feature that really sets apart the design of their new website, expected to launch 30 June 2015. This new feature is a virtual tour that will provide people a way to go on a simulated adventure by using aerial photographs taken by drones and animating them. This latest addition to Oliver Wood’s Perth Web Design creates a wonderful addition to their portfolio, ranging across both Australia and Asia. It creates an incredibly beautiful example of what the company that Oliver Wood created can really do and what he wishes to continue to provide to his clientèle in the future.

How can one company provide this sort of amazing work and hosting for so many people? As soon as Oliver Wood heard about the new National Broadband Network being slowly implemented into Perth’s districts, he found himself incredibly lucky he wouldn’t have to move to take advantage of this incredibly efficient network. With this network, his companies are suddenly capable of sending incredibly large files at lightning fast speeds. Where they used to have an incredibly inconvenient wait when they would send the 50 megabytes and up to his clients, now it takes a fraction of the time.

Not only did it cut down wait times for his clients to receive their files, but now Oliver Wood is cutting costs with these new instalments. He spent nearly $7000 on installing old copper wiring for his old system of internet connections where he was forced to spend around $1300 in fees every month. With this new system, he is able to cut his expenses each month to nearly a tenth of what he had been paying, $150. Not many businesses can say that they run their entire website developing and hosting business on that.

Oliver Wood was sure that, had he not been in one of the areas that was provided these services first, he would have moved his company so that he would be capable of giving his clients exactly what they needed as quickly as possible, making him the owner of one of the fastest and most efficient web design, web development and digital marketing brands in the country.

From a web design company to an SEO company, Oliver Wood is a man of many talents. If there is one person who will definitely jump on an opportunity he sees that will keep his business on top, it is Oliver Wood of Perth. He is an incredible independent businessman who has worked hard to keep his companies thriving. Oliver Wood is a competent businessman who is willing to push as hard as he has to to keep doing what he loves, providing web design, web development and digital marketing to those that are looking for an incredible brand that works on a client to client basis, providing exactly what all their clients need and keeping them coming back whenever a new need for the services Oliver Wood and his companies provide.