Harry Potter?

When many people discuss Oliver Wood they might just be talking about the famous character from Harry Potter. Oliver Wood was the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team and is featured heavily in the first five Harry Potter books. With an admirable following the character Oliver Wood, develops from just a typical leader position to a full-fledged friend and important element throughout the books. Far from just a side character. Oliver Wood spends time through the series encouraging Harry (although sometimes for the wrong reason) to further his advancements in Quidditch.

Far from the young quidditch player, our Oliver Wood is far from the mystical. With several business contracts and a booming international trade with dozens of foreign companies. Oliver Wood from Perth is working within the field of business and SEO to create and design websites for local and international companies alike. Just how important is SEO marketing? How can your website setup and compete with not only local competition but global competition as well? How hard is SEO, and do you really need an expert?

SEO is far from just creating websites with spammed words and Oliver Wood understands this. The delicate trade involves understanding the language of search engines and web crawlers to optimize a website to get the best search rankings possible. With the right research, any website can be ranked well within Google, Bing and Yahoo — in addition to several smaller search engines which still hold an impressive amount of traffic. Oliver Wood knows, that good SEO will improve the quality of a page while keeping the site readable and polished. Without a doubt, every company can benefit from the skills of a qualified and expert SEO specialist.

Choosing a specialist like Oliver wood, Rather than a small time SEO consultant means that your website will be optimized for the most up to daw SEO guidelines. It is nearly impossible for a single contractor to keep up with the constant changes to search engine indexing. That’s why Oliver Wood works with dozens of professional writers, experts, and programmers to make sure your websites receive the most optimal rank possible without being negatively punished for bad SEO tactics that Oliver Wood doesn’t use.

Business exceeds expectations as Oliver wood’s Digital Monopoly gains traction in Australian and Asian clientele. The company, bases in Perth, Australia is an online global media and design company which targes hosting, design and support contracts from medium to large sized companies. Within their staff is a team of developers committed to excellence. Their creative director Aaron Kirkpatrick, their Project Manager Emily Reiffer, and their Senior developer Eric Wisibono with Digital Monopoly’s General Manager Oliver Wood.

Oliver Wood knows, website design means more than just clever images and well-programmed tags. It’s about how the website is approached by your clients. Oliver Wood understands that the right website not only works great but looks and functions perfectly as well. Sometimes as simple and the wrong colors, pictures or words can throw off potential customers and cause them to leave the site. Just ask Oliver Wood, bad SEO costs the business money and energy on clients who are not interested in their service.

Their work flow recently increased with the addition of the recreation and conservation reserve Whiteman Park. The contract is a large undertaking which Digital Monopoly is looking forward to executing with perfection. Oliver Wood was quoted as saying. “We’re extremely happy to win this contract and looking forward to achieving a great outcome for people who want to learn about and visit Whiteman Park. It also adds to a great blend of projects right across our business.”
This is not the first time Oliver Wood, the General Manager for Digitial Monopoly was in the news. Recently he was quoted as an expert for an article on the National Broadband Network, being turned on in Victoria Park, Geraldton, and Mandurah. Digital Monopoly’s headquarters are located within this zone and now benefit from the increased bandwidth and speed the new National Broadband Network provides. Oliver Wood uses this rare advantage to provide better services for his clients.

With the uptick in sales and the increase in customers, Digital Monopoly is looking forward to the future of web design. From simple websites to fully integrated management their company is eagerly awaiting the next client to wow. They understand that content is king with their website’s services and designs they put the focus on the content first. Knowing that good content is the key towards driving traffic to your site and generating sales and clients for your business. Not every company succeeds online, however, with the right SEO tools companies have the best chance to expand their service to a growing global market.

As the world turns away from large booming business in search of unique, small curated companies they look for fresh, new, updated content that is relevant their business. Oliver Wood understands that using keyword sparingly and appropriately is the best way to encourage search engines to rate your pages higher than your competitors.

If your business recently became outranked by your competitors it’s time to start getting serious about SEO. Before, small companies could rely on their local address, yellow page listings and reviews to maintain their site ranks for their business. As more and more small business turn towards global internet marketing to spread awareness of their brand it is becoming more competitive to remain positively ranked. Since 80% of all web-traffic comes from search engines. And many of your customers are likely to type your web address into a search bar — rather than the address bar. It is critical that you maintain the best rank for your local business.

In today’s aggressive internet marking world, it will be an uphill battle to regain site rank by yourself. Contacting a qualified SEO expert like Oliver Wood is the best way to regain control of your web-traffic and to being funneling customers away from your local experts. Oliver Wood has worked in this business for many years and he understands how important a positive internet reputation in.